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What I'm Saying.

Ponderings on a Random Thursday

General Thoughts

Any random Starbucks - Captured with my iPhone 3GSToday, not much different from any other day, I sit inside of a Starbucks coffee shop, slightly deviating from my normal routine of staying home to scour the job boards while waiting for an assignment from Firefly Partners. There is something about this sporadic change in my day that is invigorating and reminds me that I am free and not a slave to a life of routine and resisting temptation to take care of myself in this difficult time of unemployment.

Listening to the pseudo-jazz/blues/rock fusion of Elvis Presley, Dave Matthews Band or Aretha Franklin emanating from the speakers and eaves dropping in on the conversation of others reminds me that there are other things happening in the world besides my personal situation. In fact, it reminds me that there are other people in the world and they too have their successes, failures, triumphs and struggles to deal with. Being a “fly on the wall” is something I rather enjoy; the people watching, silently left to my own thoughts. In this case however, my thoughts are revealed here in this article.

There is something magical about a coffee shop environment. The reminiscence of the beat nick era, perhaps, or maybe something more. The momentary escape from the world does wonders for the psyche. It’s a release from one’s trivial and mundane; from one’s responsibilities and obligations.

If there is one piece of advice I can offer the world for those that are unemployed, it’s to take a short break once-in-a-while. Shut out the world for a moment. Clarify your senses. Take a breath. Close your eyes and know that no matter how bad things are and will get, you are here and you have something to offer this world that is of value as an individual. You are a human being and a member of society; someone worth the respect of others and capable of something magnificent and awesome.

At least that is what I tell myself in time like this.

How do you deal with difficulty/failure/uncertainty in your life? Please share your thoughts.

- Will

2 responses to “Ponderings on a Random Thursday”

  1. Nana says:

    Since I am LOTS of years older than you Will, I have faced uncertainty, unemployment, difficulty more than you and,  being a woman of faith, I usually turn to the Lord and ask him to just guide me.  He’s taught me when a door closes, He’s opened a window somewhere and I just have to be patient until I find it.  Good luck, God bless.

    • Will Hull says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jean.  Usually that has been the case with my past, that when one door closes another one opens; and it is usually for the better. Thanks for posting.


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