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Statistical and Research Methods, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, SPSS Statistical Software
E-Marketing/SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, HTML/CSS/Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Database Management, Microsoft Office
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Fundraise and support the causes you love, all while doing it your way with everydayhero

Nonprofit Communications

“Giving is more than just money. See the impact of all that you give”

everydayhero, Source: everydayhero
Source: everydayhero

everydayhero acts as a headquarters for you to manage (and share) your “do-gooding”. Every effort. Every hour spent volunteering. Every person you recruit to join you in your effort to support your cause is tracked using everydayhero.

You may note that I wrote about FirstGiving a while ago that enables the individual to set up and execute their own personal fundraising event. It is true that FirstGiving enables personalized fundraising. It is true that FirstGiving and other existing online crowd-funding platforms like it that target the consumer-market have helped make online giving more accessible to individual fundraisers; however, everydayhero transcends these platforms by providing a holistic experience that not only enables fundraising, but also tracks and presents all that activity that goes into supporting those causes, offering a superior experience for the cause supporter, like you.

So, how does it work?

everydayhero: Impact Page, Source: everydayhero Source: everydayhero

everydayhero provides a Giving Footprint™ that is a window into your entire giving life, “providing a unique visual quantification of [your] giving that goes beyond money and includes [your] effort, voice and collective impact,” – Market Watch and Market Wired. everydayhero integrates with tools that you use in your everyday life to quantify every effort that goes into supporting your cause. Information is gathered from Facebook, Twitter, Volunteer Match and MapMyFitness to create a snapshot for each individual, which grows over time.

You, the supporter, initiate supporting your cause (note not just a charity in mind) by signing up at everydayhero. Then, you set up goals, email friends/family about your everydayhero activity, raise money for organizations that have a similar mission to the cause you support, volunteer in support of your cause; get fit, walk, run, host a neighborhood barbecue fundraiser, seek to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, go skydiving… the sky is the limit and the choice is yours. You’ll find that integrating everydayhero into your support of a cause “boosts [your] energy, drive and commitment to make a difference in the world!”

What percentage of funding reaches the organizations in support of your cause?

Source: Online Fundraising by

There is a small 5% service fee on donations, plus a 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction processing fee is charged whenever a transaction takes place. That leaves over 90% reaching organizations in support of your cause.

How is this different from supporting a walk/run/event hosted by a charity?

The difference is that it is personal. It is your choice what you do to support your cause of choice. You don’t need permission from a charity to host an event in support of your cause. You don’t need to adhere to brand standards of a given charity. You do what you want to do to raise money for your cause of choice? You have the best of intentions in mind, right? So why let those things stop you in support of your cause. Maybe you’re not a runner or not into physical activity to participate in an event such as a 5K, half or full marathon? Maybe you’re not into a Saturday event once/year? Maybe you want to exploit your personal skills and talents to deliver the most good possible to achieve the goals of your cause? Whether those skills be video games, playing tag, hosting a bake sale, or even running a blog like this one. With everydayhero, you can do what you want to do to raise awareness/funds/support to support your cause. And that is not all…

So who’s with me?

everydayhero connects you with others serving your cause of choice all around the world. In fact, everydayhero was originally established in places like Australia and New Zealand, to the United Kingdom and Singapore, and due to its success, it was recently introduced in the United States by Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB), providers of software to nonprofits and NGOs to help achieve charitable missions and fund causes around the world.

So, are you committed?

Make a difference. Serve a cause. Use everydayhero as your tool to make it happen.

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I am employed by Blackbaud. The article above, does not reflect the views of the organization that I work for nor the views of any of my clients. All content is my own, and all thoughts are my own. This is not the official view of my organization nor do I intend it to be. Any attempt to attribute anything herein as official by Blackbaud, its staff or clients is unauthorized and inappropriate use of this article’s content.

- Will

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