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Statistical and Research Methods, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, SPSS Statistical Software
E-Marketing/SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, HTML/CSS/Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Database Management, Microsoft Office
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Résumé Update

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A couple of events have happened to me recently. Graduation from graduate school being one of them, I decided it was time to update my résumé to modernize it as well as reflect the goals I have now that I hold a Masters degree in Public Administration.

Recently, I came across an e-newsletter from Doostang discussing “Three Must-Have Cover Letters.” It was written by a human resources professional at After reading the article, I found that was providing free critiques for any résumé. I took advantage of this opportunity and I sent my résumé to a professional at The response was right on point and prompt. I would recommend this step for anyone who is looking to update their résumé.

Part of the critique was personalized offer to have a professional craft my résumé from a professional perspective. After some thought, because this part of the process did cost some money, I decided that it is an investment in my future, the same as investing in education. Besides, it’s a tax write off at the end of the year in searching for work.

The process is short yet thorough. It involves a brief questionnaire and one or two back and forth messages to clarify points on the questionnaire or to fill in holes where necessary. One question, critical in my opinion is what you want to emphasize when seeking employment. For me it is a position in the nonprofit sector, entry-level in the federal or local government; something utilizing my newly acquired skills in performance measurement, program evaluation, public policy analysis, statistical and research methods. I wanted to play down my technical skills with social media and Web development. However, I think the end product turned out rather nicely.

Long story short, is a great resource for anyone looking to update their own résumé. I was really impressed with the results and their guarantee — get an interview in 30 days or less. For me, I did get an interview in less than 30 days and I am completely satisfied with the experience. is right for just about anyone, even if you are someone just starting a career, getting out of college, a mid-level or seasoned professional.

*Disclaimer: I was in no way prompted to speak on behalf of or Doostang. I am simply impressed by their service and end-product.

- Will

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