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Statistical and Research Methods, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, SPSS Statistical Software
E-Marketing/SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, HTML/CSS/Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Database Management, Microsoft Office
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Job Hunting in San Diego, CA for a Front End Developer Position

Life Events

Job SearchYesterday was my last official day with the American Sportfishing Association as Web Manager for KeepAmericaFishing. Due to the fact that I could not work remotely in a permanent fashion and now that the transition to the new Web Manager is complete, I am moving on.

Today, kicks off my job search as a full time job. I can now focus all of my energies during normal working hours on the job search. What makes this event different from previous periods is that I am still navigating and discovering many new resources available here in San Diego, California. I hope to find something similar to that is specific to the San Diego area.

As I have mentioned before “what I intend to focus on, in this job search, is Front End Web Developer, User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX), online marketing / eMarketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positions or post-graduate education entry-level positions in local government and/or nonprofit organizations.” However, I am still open to positions in the for-profit sector, should there be a great fit for both my personality (as a Myers-Briggs ENTJ) and my motivation.

From everything that I hear, both on the news and from other people, the San Diego job market, much like the rest of the country, is scarce with opportunity. I hope that I can work smarter and not harder by discovering where the best places are to look or perhaps by thinking outside the box, such as hosting this website1,, or by attending the right networking event such as one hosted by Network After Work™. Perhaps any one of these avenues may pay off. At the moment it is just deciding where to concentrate my unfettered energies in this renewed job search.

To date, I have had a couple of phone interviews and I am working with several technology recruiting firms, but nothing has proved fruitful.

I am not discouraged at this point, however, because I have a lot going for me at this time. I already have a Masters degree, I can learn anything quickly and the world just opened up to explore any and all options without the constraints of actually working for an employer concurrently with an ongoing job search. What this means is that I can take an interview at any time during the day and I can venture out, physically, to find job resources that may be available that I haven’t discovered just yet.

Perhaps, you, the reader, can help. If you know of any good resources in the San Diego, California area, please share and let’s build a professional relationship. Rather than treat it as what I can get from you, I hope to seek out a reciprocal and lasting relationship that will be mutually beneficial. What do you say? Will you lend a hand?

Please feel free to download my current résumé (September 2011) to browse or share with a colleague. As always, thanks for visiting.

- Will

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