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 Adobe CS5: Viva La Adobe! | Williteration
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Statistical and Research Methods, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, SPSS Statistical Software
E-Marketing/SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, HTML/CSS/Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Database Management, Microsoft Office
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What I'm Saying.

Adobe CS5: Viva La Adobe!

Blog Tools, New Media, Nonprofit Communications

Adobe CS5 Box CoverToday is a great day for me. Since I started with League of Conservation Voters, I advocated for the new Adobe Creative Suite (CS) to do my job more effectively. Because I work at a nonprofit, we were able to get the product from Tech Soup at an incredibly discounted rate.

I am happy to report that the Adobe CS5 Design Premium was delivered for me to use today. Even though I have Adobe CS4 on my personal computers at home, I am in awe over how much they improved the product in the CS5 delivery. Adobe Photoshop now has a module to create an HDR image from a single image. Dreamweaver has an HTML5 compatibility pack to help create new content in HTML5. Also, and what is most amazing is the Adobe Widget Browser that allows anyone to visit an open source gallery of widgets to incorporate into any Web design, including jQuery and other uses including AJAX technology. There are a couple add-ons I picked up over at the Adobe Labs site including the widget gallery.

If you are a digital strategist, eCommunications manager, e-mail marketing manager, Web admin, etc., I strongly recommend picking this product up for your nonprofit organization. For me, it will decrease workflow of daily activities and streamline many processes. For now, let’s see how much more I can accomplish with these tools in my hands than I ever did before.

*Disclaimer: I was in no way prompted to speak on behalf of Adobe Creative Suite or Tech Soup. I am thoroughly impressed with their product. My opinion is my own and I have not been approached by any entity or party to discuss it.

- Will


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