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Statistical and Research Methods, Performance Measurement, Program Evaluation, SPSS Statistical Software
E-Marketing/SEO, Social Networking, Blogging, HTML/CSS/Photoshop
Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Database Management, Microsoft Office
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A Few Words About KeepAmericaFishing™

New Media, Nonprofit Communications

If you’ve been following me lately, you know that I recently started a new position with the American Sportfishing Association as Web Manager for KeepAmericaFishing™.

These past three weeks have been amazing and incredibly challenging in many ways. First, I have never used Salsa Labs or ExpressionEngine in a professional capacity before. My learning curve is extremely high at the moment and it is tested daily. However, these tests have yielded some deeply rewarding feelings of accomplishment and confidence in my abilities.

Since assuming the role as Web Manager I have already accomplished, “a great deal and have already improved the site” in many ways, according to my immediate manager who is the VP of Government Relations. Everything from incorporating ways to share pages on social networks by incorporating AddThis code into Web site templates, incorporating SEO Lite to dynamically pull and change meta data on each page for search engine optimization (SEO) and I also reconfigured the RSS feed from a site generated feed to one run through Feedburner to better syndicate the RSS feed and to establish tracking metrics on feed subscribers and uses, each were a testament to the utility of the skills I have learned thus far in Web design.

All-in-all it has been a great couple of weeks so far.

Here are a couple of PSAs about KeepAmericaFishing™ if you want to learn more about it.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hey will – good to hear DIA/Salsa is working out for you. Let us know if you have any questions.

    • Will Hull says:

      Thanks, Adam. After working with Convio for so long and other eCRMs such as Listrak, Blue Hornet, etc. it was real easy to pick up Salsa and run with it. It is very intuitive from an e-marketer’s perspective. There are only three things I would improve on.

      1. Make a CName for each account. For instance: or something to that effect.

      2. I would enable editing on action alert templates but still control the ability to create a header and footer within an action message that would go to the legislator or target of a given action alert message.

      I really like the color scheme of salsa as well. With a given color you are aware of what module you are in.

      3. Do you anticipate the ability to auto-send messages in the future? E.g. the Welcome Series I describe on my portfolio page ( This would also be a great addition to the platform.

      Thanks for writing. I am really glad you found my Web site..


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